Printed Shower Curtains

Yay!  You've finally gotten around to cleaning the bathroom. Good for you! You should treat yourself to some coffee and cheese cake...or beer. (That's what we do here at CCM.) While you're enjoying your break call some friends and boast of your accomplishment. (That's what we do here at CCM) The Only thing left now is to pick out a shiny new shower curtain to replace that old and tired one still hanging there.  That's right, go crazy!

You make the rules 'cause you did the cleaning.  Just throw caution to the wind  and go nuts. You'll feel so good you'll want to change out your shower curtain on a regular basis.  We say go for it.  You can always save the old one and rehang it if you need to.  You know, if "friends" and family are planning an "intervention" because they are "very concerned" about your recent behavior. (That's what they do here at CCM).

Have fun picking out your new curtain and keep in mind you can hang them in the kid's room, garage, basement, game room, or just about anywhere. Think of them as washable posters.