About Us

Have you ever seen a three-cent nickel?  Or a "Large cent"?  What about a two-cent piece or a silver "Trime"?  These are all U.S. coins that most Americans don't even know exist, never mind having actually seen or held one.

Here at Coins Currency and More we celebrate collectible coins and currency.  We love the history associated with coins and currency and just their beauty and design.  We treasure the wonderment you get when you hold an ancient coin in your hand.  Basically we love collectible coins and want to share them with as many people as possible.  We don't believe the best place for collectible coins to be is put away in a closet or some other place where no one gets to see them.

We believe collectible coins and currency should be proudly displayed for people to enjoy.  They are little historical artifacts that are natural conversation starters.  Whether displayed on the mantel or as a piece of jewelry, they are always admired.  When you wear a coin necklace be prepared to tell it's story.  If you're like us you can't wait to tell the story.   

Our mission is to share collectible coins and currency with as many people as possible.  We look for coins that are still "affordable" but relatively rare and/or interesting.  We search garage sales, estate sales, eBay and anywhere else we can think of to find them.  Perhaps our favorite way to search for and acquire coins is to travel around the country in our RV and attend coin shows.  Yeah, it's a rough way to make a living but some one has to do it.  Right?  (You can take a look at our RV website here)

So what's with all the non-coin items for sale on the site?  We import them via drop shipping.  This way we can find and sell more than just coins from the RV while we're traveling.  So instead of sitting in front of the TV all night, we look for things that we like and think others might like as well.  Then we sell the items here on Coins Currency and More.  If you see something you like please , by all means, buy it.  If you see something that seems crazy to you...we may have had one too many margaritas when we added it.  But I bet we were having a blast...

Thanks for stopping by.  Take your time and browse.  If you like our little shop please tell others about it.  Word of mouth is the life blood of small, family owned businesses.  If you have thoughts on how we can make the shop better, please use the "Contact Us"  page and share.  If you have any questions please visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  page.  Or use the contact us page.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Have a great day!