Q:  Do you buy coins and currency as well as sell them?

A:  Yes.  Contact us using the “Contact Us” button and we can get the dialog started.  Typically we will ask that you email us photos of the coins/currency. 


Q:  If I buy more than one item at a time, will I be charged shipping for each item?

A:  As a rule, no.  If you purchase two or three small items at the same time you will not be charged for shipping on each item.  You will be charged a reduced amount.


Q:  Where do get your coins and currency?

A:  Where ever we can find coins and currency in good condition for a reasonable price.


Q:  Why do you have coins of the same type priced differently?

A:  The number one factor is usually based on the condition of the coin.  For example, an 1842 dime in “good” condition might be found for around $20 t0 $30.  That same coin might easily cost $650 or more in “near mint” or “mint” condition.  In the end it boils down to supply and demand and what the coin cost us.


Q:  Will my coin/currency increase in value over time?

A:  Probably but there are no guarantees.  If it does, it will probably be a slow gradual increase.


Q:  Do collectible coins ever lose value?

A:  Yes, they can.  Often they are gold or silver coins when the price of precious metals dip.  Or they are very rare and expensive coins that have been brought to auction during an economic down turn like a recession.


Q:  I’ve seen coins selling for less elsewhere.  Are you expensive?  Are you overpriced?

A:  Our goal is to give good value not to be the cheapest seller in town.  Here are a few ways we add value :

  • We usually only sell coins in VG-8 to VF-20 condition. The coins we sell look good.
  • We almost never clean coins. Cleaning a collectible coin will almost always lower its value.  When we are selling a coin that has been cleaned we make sure the buyer knows that it’s been cleaned.
  • Most of the coins we sell come with high quality coin holders and displays. Our coin holders are made in the USA or in Germany and are safe.  They will not damage your coins over time like some cheaper holders will.
  • We never drill holes in collectible coins. If we drill a hole in a coin it’s only because the coin was “junk” to begin with.
  • The coins in our jewelry are secured in sterling silver or stainless steel coin bezels. They look great and won’t damage the coin.
  • We try to give a little history and a “story” for our coins and currency. So when you’re showing off your Liberty Head nickel you can tell the “Just Joshing” story, for example.


We believe in the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.