1851 U.S. Large Cent With Collectible Capsule Display

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Folks, when they say "Large Cent" they are not kidding! This penny is bigger than a current quarter. I suspect many seniors blew out a hip lugging a roll of these to the bank. Someone handed Albert Einstein one of these vintage coins and said, "A penny for your thoughts". Albert came up with E=MC2. THAT'S how big this coin is!

When it comes to coins, Lady Liberty gets around. There are some 10 different versions of her on Large cents.

Cents and half cents were the first coins struck for circulation by the United States Mint. Large cents were coined every year from 1793 to 1857 with the exception of 1815. There was a copper shortage in 1815.

This Large cent is in "Fine" condition and shows a lot of detail. The coin's large size makes reading the date easy from several feet away. To appreciate the size of the Large cent see the photo of it next to a current penny. A great historical artifact and conversation starter rolled into one. These coins are getting harder to find, especially in fine condition like this. With this coin YOU can say, "A penny for your thoughts". But with inflation and all, don't expect too much.

This little piece of U.S. history makes a great gift that never goes out of style. Collectible coins can be handed down in the family from generation to generation. Many collectible coins become more valuable with time.  

I use coin holders that are made in the United States. They are not the cheap imported ones you often find others using. My coin holders are hard, crystal clear acrylic and contain no PVC to damage your coin. Each holder is made from two pieces that snap together securely. However, the coin can be easily removed at anytime.

Some people have cleaned these coins to bring back the original red copper color. I do not advise doing this. Cleaning a collectible coin will almost always reduce it's value.

I'll ship it in a cute satin pouch tucked away in a little treasure chest ready to be gifted.

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