1854 U.S. Silver Three-Cent Coin (Trime) With Capsule Display

  • $103.00

Did you know there was such a thing as a silver three-cent coin? Have you ever seen one before? If you're looking for something different, you just found it. Silver three-cent coins are relatively hard to find, especially in good condition.  This is a perfect coin to start your capsule coin collection.

Trimes, the smallest of U.S. silver coins were minted from 1851-1873. According to the official Red Book, "Nearly the entire production of non-proof coins from 1863 to 1872 was melted in 1873.

This trime is in "fine" condition.  Designed by James B. Longacre, it weighs .75 gram. It's composition is .900 silver, .100 copper.

Q: Why did they melt the coins produced from 1863 to 1872?
A: As the price of silver went up the coins were worth more than 3 cents.  The "three-cent nickel" was produced to replace the Trime.

Q: Should I clean the coin?
A: No, cleaning collectible coins usually lowers their value.

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