1866 Three-cent Nickel with Display Stand

  • $54.00

The Three-Cent Nickel is the coin that started my appreciation of old, collectible coins and, I suppose, coin jewelry. I was in a client's home and they had one displayed on their mantel. Like most people, I had never seen one before. Whether you display it in a coin holder on the mantel or coffee table, or wear it as a necklace, this coin is a conversation starter.

Three-Cent pieces were minted because the public was hoarding the silver three cent (trimes) coins. Three-Cent Nickels were minted from 1865 to 1889. They are comprised of .750 copper and .250 nickel. All of these coins were minted in Philadelphia. This particular coin is in fine condition. The date and details are clearly seen. Three-Cent Nickels in this condition are getting harder and harder to find.

This little piece of U.S. history makes a great gift that never goes out of style. Collectible coins can be handed down in the family from generation to generation. Many collectible coins become more valuable with time. The older it gets the more cherished it will become.

I use coin holders that are made in the United States. They are not the cheap imported ones you often find others using. My coin holders are hard, crystal clear acrylic and contain no PVC to damage your coin. Each holder is made from two pieces that snap together securely. However, the coin can be easily removed at anytime.

I'll ship it in a cute satin pouch ready to be gifted.