1868 U.S. Two-Cent Coin With Collectible Capsule Display

  • $55.00

It's a good thing we're not selling this awesome 1868 US Two-cent coin by the pound! This is a serious coin. I've heard that suspenders became popular shortly after this coin was introduced. Coincidence? When you gave this "penny" for someone's thoughts they would talk all day.

The two-cent coin was was minted from 1864 to 1873. It's one of the shortest issues of US coins. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST appeared for the first time on the two-cent coin. Designed by James B. Longacre, it's composition is .950 copper. 0.50 tin and zinc. It has a diameter of 23mm. All two-cent coins were minted in Philadelphia.

If you you're looking for something unique, this is it. How many people have ever seen a two-cent coin? This almost 150 year old historical treasure is in wonderful shape and looks great!  A great addition to your capsule collection!

 Q: Should I clean the coin to make it look shiny and new?
A: That's up to you. However, cleaning collectible coins can, and usually does, greatly lower their value to collectors. The patina on a coin is part of that coin's history.  

Q: Will the coin increase in value over time?
A: There are no guarantees but collectible coins often do.