1875 U.S. 20 Cent Piece with Display Case

  • $145.00

Relatively speaking, this is a rare coin.  Seated Liberty 20 cent pieces were only minted from 1875 to 1878.  People didn't like the coin because it was too much like the already well established quarter dollar.  In 1877 and 1878 only proof coins were struck.  None were minted for circulation.

Finding a 20 cent piece in F-12, VF-20 condition or higher can be a challenge.  Although the guides have them priced fairly reasonable, most coin dealers will ask for and get a higher price than is typically quoted in the guides.

I rate this coin G-4 Good.  The obverse side is heavily worn (which is common in these coins) but the date is still clear and easy to read.  The reverse side still has a lot of detail. 

This coin comes with a very nice, high quality display case.  The coin can easily be removed from the display case for closer inspection.  Here's your chance to own a piece of American history, a genuine American artifact, that most Americans have never seen or even know exists.  A great conversation piece. 

The Liberty Seated Twenty Cent Piece was designed by William Barber.  It weighs 5 grams, is .900 silver and .100 copper.  It's 22 mm in diameter.