1891 Indian Head Penny with Display Case

  • $17.00

The "Indian Head" design was issued in 1859. That's not a representation of a Native American women on the coin. It's Liberty wearing an Indian headdress. Before five-cent nickels came out in 1866, these coins were popularly called nickels or "nicks". Indian Head coins, especially those that were around during the Civil War, can be hard to find in good condition. This coin missed the Civil War but I suspect it saw plenty of action in candy stores clutched tightly in the hands of excited children. Display it on the mantel or coffee table. It's a genuine piece of American history. This 126 year old coin is in great shape. The date and other details are easily and clearly seen.

This little piece of U.S. history makes a great gift idea that never goes out of style. Collectible coins can be handed down in the family from generation to generation. Many collectible coins become more valuable with time. The older it gets the more cherished it will become.