1943 Steel Penny with Display

  • $21.00

The 1943 steel penny with display stand.

In 1943, at the height of World War II, the U.S. Government decided to mint pennies out of steel to save copper for the war effort. This coin is an authentic 1943 steel penny in very fine condition. Not just another penny but a genuine historical artifact that comes with it's own display.  Show it off at home or at the office. 

For me the steel penny makes me remember what Americans are capable off when we work together. It's a symbol of a generation that rose to the challenge and triumphed. Tangible proof of our strength, adaptability and ability to work together when we must. When I admire my steel penny I feel a little more connected to my fellow Americans and my country. I believe Americans today will defend our country, freedom, and our shared values in a pinch just as they did in the past. In a way it makes me feel glad to be an American. Anyway, that's what the steel penny means to me...and that's a lot of value for just a penny. ;)

I'll ship it in a cute satin pouch ready to be gifted.