Coin Collecting For Dummies

Coin Collecting For Dummies

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Author: Neil S. Berman

Brand: Berman, Neil S./ Guth, Ron

Edition: 2

ISBN: 0470222751

Number Of Pages: 384

Publisher: For Dummies

Release Date: 2007-12-17

Details: Can’t make heads or tails out of coin collecting? You needCoin Collecting For Dummies, 2nd Edition, thetreasure trove on information on numismatics. This hands-on guideescorts you through the world’s oldest hobby, helping youdecide which type of coins you want to collect, keep yourcollection in mint condition, buy and sell coins on the Internet,find interesting coin shows to attend, and assemble and diversify agreat collection.

The purpose of this fun, easy-to-access guide is to turn youinto a world-class coin collector in as little time as possible.You’ll learn what coins can teach you about history andgeography, develop organizational and observational skills, andlearn to use analytical tools, all without event thinking about it.And you’ll learn the basics about ancient coins, U.S. coins,world coins, and the wild-and-wooly stuff that really gets yournumismatic juices flowing. Discover how to:

  • Start your collection correctly
  • Evaluate coins using age, condition, rarity, and more
  • Buy interesting coins without breaking the bank
  • Locate rare and expensive coins
  • Get savvy about avoiding fakes
  • Get the whole family involved in your collection
  • Develop a buying strategy
  • Clean and handle coins safely
  • Keep your collection secure at home and on the road
  • Investigate tokens, medals, and miscellaneous coins
  • Create complete collections of copper, nickel, silver, or goldU.S. coins

When it comes to numismatics, Coin Collecting For Dummies,2nd Edition is right on the money!

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