Japanese Invasion/Occupation Money, 3 Note Set In Floating Frame (one peso, one pound, one rupee)

  • $68.00

This set features 3 examples of Japanese invasion money, officially known as Southern Development Bank Notes. After invading colonies and other states the Japanese would confiscate all hard currency and replace it with locally printed notes bearing "The Japanese Government".

Japanese invasion/occupation money was issued in:
Philippines (Pesos)
Burma (Rupees)
Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei--now Malaysia (Dollars)
Dutch (or Netherlands) East Indies--now Indonesia (Gulden)
Oceania (New Guinea and the Solomon and Gilbert Islands) (Pounds/Shillings)

This set consists of Japanese invasion notes from the Philippines-one Peso, Oceania-one Pound,and Burma-one Rupee. All three notes are in good condition and would make a great gift for anyone interested in history or anyone looking for something "different".

The notes are displayed in a nice floating frame that will look great in any home or office.