National Parks Commemorative Quarters Collector's Map 2010-2021 (includes both mints!)

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Author: Peter Pauper Press


Edition: Map



ISBN: 1441312307

Number Of Pages: 3

Publisher: Peter Pauper Press

Details: In this commemorative quarter series running from 2010 to 2021, the United States mint is issuing one quarter for each state, plus the District of Columbia and U.S. territories, to honor national parks and other notable sites -- from natural wonders to military and historical parks. Collect all of the quarters in this colorful and durable map of the United States!

  • Includes room to collect all 56 quarters from both the Philadelphia and Denver mints --112 quarters in all!
  • Quarters press into secure display slots across the U.S. map, with easy pop-out tabs for removal.
  • If you are collecting complete sets of quarters from both mints, use the Alternate Mint set of quarter display slots to the right of the U.S. map.
  • Quick-reference list of all sites commemorated by the America the Beautiful series, date of founding for each site, and year of quarter issue.
  • Each quarter slot indicates the type of national park, monument, memorial, or other site honored by that state's quarter.
  • States in the U.S. map are color-coded by year of quarter issue.
  • Hours of fun for the whole family!
  • Measures 12-3/8'' wide x 13-3/8'' high.

EAN: 9781441312303