One Dollar Hawaii Overprint Note with Display

  • $125.00

Hawaii overprint notes (AKA Emergency Circulating Notes, Hawaiian war money) were issued in Hawaii after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Fearing the Japanese would have access to a considerable amount of U.S. currency should they invade the island, regular currency was recalled ans replaced with overprinted notes starting on June 25th, 1942. The idea was should there have been a Japanese invasion, the U.S. government could immediately declare Hawaii-stamped notes as worthless, due to their easy identification.

Hawaii residents were ordered to turn in their regular notes in exchange for Hawaii-stamped notes. Starting from August 15, 1942, no other paper currency could be used except under special permission. By April 1946, overprinted notes were being recalled. Some notes were saved as souvenirs by locals and service men and are now sought-after as collectibles. Hawaii overprint notes were issued as one, five, ten, and twenty-dollar notes. The one-dollar notes are silver certificates.

Listed here is a one-dollar silver certificate Hawaii overprint note in "fine" condition. It comes with a high quality, American made display. An authentic piece of American history, it will look good in any home or office. The display will stand upright on its own.