Pewter Mermaid Bookmark with Glow In The Dark Lamp Charm

  • $33.00

If you ever happen to see a real mermaid I bet she will be beautiful (although her breath will probably smell like fish--true story). She will, no doubt, be bathed in the light of a magic lamp just like this awesome mermaid fish smell guaranteed. Seriously, if you smell fish it's not this bookmark. Just saying...

If you ever catch yourself reading on the beach and a mermaid approaches you, she'll take one look at your beautiful mermaid bookmark and know you're a mermaid person. She will appreciate that so much she will probably not steal your soul.*

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to read books. Especially adventure, romance, and fantasy. The crystals will glow for hours making the book stand out and easy to find in the'll have to turn the light on to read.

The bookmark is made of pewter (tin-based alloy), is 5.75 inches long, and comes adorned with two Swarovski crystals. The charm, aka magic lamp, is filled with non toxic glow-in-the-dark crystals that glow for hours.

*Disclaimer: This bookmark has no inherent magical powers and cannot protect your soul from mermaids.

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